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Norms To Accomplish While Performing Hypnosis


GUEST ARTICLE: by Amanda Jerelyn

The term hypnosis got common around 200 years ago, but people still have various misconceptions what it really is? Definitions of hypnosis may vary, but psychiatrists have figured out few general features of hypnosis and created some models regarding its working. Hypnosis is a state of mutual interaction in which the patient acknowledges and responds to the suggestions of the hypnotist.
Hypnosis is often termed as a sleeping state, but actually, it can be better understood as a state represented by concrete attention, enhanced suggestibility, and lifelike delusions. In general, it looks like that patient in hypnotic session has slept; but in actual, he is in state of intense alertness. Studies have backed benefits of hypnosis as it treats not only psychological but also mental and physical issues.

Norms to accomplish for a better outcome

The hypnosis experience may completely differ among patients. Some get the feeling of being composed and relaxed; while others feel utterly cut out from all senses that occur outside of their own will. Regardless of varying experiences, there are few norms to accomplish while performing hypnosis. These practices help to bring the best results out of hypnotic sessions. Some of these norms are highlighted below:

1. Using positive phrases

Being positive in life is the key to success. Same goes for the hypnosis, use of positive phrases in these sessions can have adequate effects on fixing the issues of the patient more smoothly. Take the ancient old example of a glass of water, half-full, or half-empty. This reflects the importance of positive thought cycles, which reflects through phrases used in suggestion. So using positive expressions and leaving the negative components behind is a must norm for a successful hypnosis session.

2. Focusing on one aspect at a time

Juggling between multiple elements in one hypnotic session can end up in a waste of time. The prime approach in any hypnosis case is that firstly hypnotist and patient will have a discussion regarding what issues or disorder needs more attention. In case a patient has an anxiety disorder and also intends to quit his smoking habit as well, having an open discussion asking the preference of patient would be most suitable.
There are improved chances of progress in the patient’s condition if one issue is dealt at a time. More definite and precise suggestion to the subconscious mind of the patient will produce far better results.

3. Motivation and intention

Motivation can play a vital role in the success of any hypnotic treatment. Strong desire to quit an addiction or getting control of a phobia can do magic in the patient's life. Powerful and encouraging suggestions to the subconscious mind can bring power and encouragement to the conscious mind also. Just like in routine life, a person with rigid intentions can climb a mountain or cross the river with minimal life support. Same way, it can help the patient to do wonders, even fly (just kidding). On a serious note, with motivation and intention, the hypnotic session can be a life-changing experience for the patient.

4. Sentences with present form

This is another strongly recommended norm to accomplish while performing hypnosis. Use of present tense has a much deeper impact on the subconscious mind. Sentences like, “you are strong enough to overcome this situation” will have a better impact than “you will get strong enough to overcome this situation”. Hypnotists pay special attention in delivering suggestions to the patient; they not only just say it; instead, they convey it with intense feeling and emphasis. Thus using the phrases in present form with impassioned feel can make a remarkable difference to help the patient in giving up addictions like smoking, drinking, or overeating.

5. Avoid using lengthy sentences

It should be kept in consideration during the hypnosis session that; “less is more.” It merely means the hypnotist must speak to the patient in a precise and decisive way. Using complicated words which are hard to pick by subconscious mind will not have any significant impact. Always remember the subconscious mind understand the same language and words that a person uses in his daily routine. A person in hypnotic status will find it difficult to absorb and implement lengthy sentences with massive vocabulary. Like, “you must speak with confidence in the meeting with your manager” is easier to grab rather than “being confident in the meeting while discussing the new project with your manager will increase your chances of getting promoted”.

6. Setting timeline

Time is the most essential factor of any task, activity, or treatment. If things are not planned and run as per the timeline, they may get disorganized, resulting in poor outcome of the treatment. Hypnosis can do wonders in resolving decades-old issues of patients, but usually, it requires proper time set. If a patient has an addiction for 15-20 years, it may take time and a few sessions to get rid of it. Although hypnotists try their best to resolve the issues as soon as they can, but treatment in haste may not be that much effective. Therefore timeliness will help both, patient and hypnotist to be on the same page, thus, deriving result oriented sessions.

7. Do it again

This is one of the most influential norms to accomplish while performing hypnosis. Try to understand it with an example of a person who is learning to drive a car. Initially, he will attain the essential skills, and then it will be all about repetition and doing it again and again to get confidence in driving. Similarly, hypnosis session, if done multiple times, can be beneficial in the inscription of suggestion towards subconscious. An activity done regularly proves to be much more effective than doing once a while.


Author Bio:
Amanda Jerelyn is currently educating dissertation topics in Psychology & Health sector at King Essay. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, in addition to a certification in Mental Health Counseling. Amanda writes a weekly blog on a lifestyle website about various psychological issues. In her spare time, she likes to read books on history and universal sciences.

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Article posted: November 21, 2019 

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