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Sun Bathing for the Soul


GUEST ARTICLE: by Roseanna Leaton

If you have never thought of hypnosis as soul food then it's time to step back and see it from a different angle.  Most people who know a little bit about this art appreciate that it is a natural state, a state of relaxation, and that it allows access to the inner workings of your mind, and thereby enables powerful and positive change; Change in terms of relief from tension or conflict, and also in terms of opening up a greater ability to succeed.  All of this is food for the soul.   Science shows us that as one relaxes in hypnosis chemicals are secreted from the brain which make us have a natural "feel good" factor, just as these same endorphins are stimulated when you feel sunlight upon your body. Hypnosis is, as the title suggests, a means of sunbathing for your soul.

Blue skies and sunshine are so very important to us.  We feel better and our minds and bodies function better when we have access to a regular supply of warm and golden sunshine.  In the UK, the weather has been so poor during these last two summers that thousands (probably millions) of people feel their natural resilience to day-to-day "stuff" is running at an almost all-time low.  And when this happens we get cranky both in mood and in body.  We expect, and accept, our fair share of dull, grey, windy and wet winter's days, whilst looking forward to a trade-off of bright and sunny summer days with eager anticipation.  Once the sun comes out, everything seems to balance up and we feel a whole lot better.  But when those lighter days do not materialize we feel cheated to say the very least. Seasonal Affective Disorder is all too prevalent and all too real.

The more I think about it the more awed I am by the fact that hypnosis can do for us something that is as vital as the sun can do.  Wow!  That is just so BIG, so massively important.  This, to me, is the most important thing which hypnosis can offer in our lives.  The power to change is secondary to this more essential, vital and most important human need.

When in hypnosis your body rhythm changes, your energy is stimulated and altered too.  This can be seen very clearly in the brain wave pattern produced as it changes from the normal beta wave of waking consciousness to the alpha-theta of deep relaxation.  That is something which can be proven scientifically.  Most of the benefits are more subtle and less easy to transform into a quantifiable statistic.  People feel refreshed, re-energized, as if you are walking on air; you feel light and bright, your muscles relax, as if you have received a mental massage; everyone who experiences hypnosis will offer such delicious descriptions in their own words, all in the same vein.

Again, I am constantly amazed at the value of this. You don't need alcohol to relax and unwind you - that merely gives you a sugar high, followed by a low and dehydrates you just for fun!  Neither do you need to go on holiday to get away from it all, although that is a rather tempting option and could just do the trick, depending on where you go and what you do (and who with, of course!!). 

You can have your own mini-holiday, your very own orgasmic high (yes, those same endorphins are released when you make love); you can enter a state of bliss (no, I'm not exaggerating), take a mental and physical step back and give your very soul a rest and recharge (without any negative side effects at all) whilst in the comfort of your own home; All this, for very little cost.   

What are you waiting for?  I'm inviting you to get a FREE hypnosis relaxation download from my website and sun bathe your soul.  Please, please - try it for yourself...and, please, please, do spread the word.


With a degree in psychology and numerous qualifications in hypnotherapy, NLP and sports psychology, Roseanna Leaton is one of the leading practitioners of self-improvement. You can get a free hypnosis download from her website and peruse her extensive library of hypnosis downloads for health and well being.

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Article posted: August 18, 2009  

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