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Taming Chronic Pain:
A Mindful Approach for Bringing Pain Relief

by C. Roy Hunter, M.S.; Bruce Eimer, PhD, ABPP
$29.95 (2020, Eimer Publishing Group)

If you are among the many millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, consider the mindfulness exercises in this book that have helped both me and Dr. Bruce Eimer, as
well as many others. If you are a hypnosis practitioner who sometimes uses hypnosis
to help clients deal with chronic pain, you
will find that some of these exercises may
be very valuable for them. (NOTE: Both authors tame their chronic pain with mindfulness.)

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Quit Smoking for the Last Time (Complete Program):
This complete self-hypnosis hypnotic quit smoking program contains an in-depth workbook and links to four MP3 files designed to help you become a TOLERANT non-smoker. It is a proven approach, based on over 35 years of experience helping clients quit smoking with hypnosis. You have the option to smoke occasionally as an alternative choice, and this program teaches you how! It is now available in electronic format. The printed version is available at Amazon.

Printed version: $88.88 at (click here)

Electronic format: EF01 - US $88.88 ** (See notice near bottom about EU residents)

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Manage Your Weight by Managing Your Mind
This complete self-directed self-hypnosis program comes with links to four mp3 audiofiles for use in conjuction with lessons designed to help you manage your mind. Diets work on the body, but not the mind. Roy's program, developed in 1984, has helped many clients to be succesful over the years.

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Respected Self-Hypnosis Book: Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis
by C. Roy Hunter, M.S., FAPHP
(2nd Ed., 2010, Crown House Publishing)
First Edition was sold out! (15,000+ copies)

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This is a beginner's book, written in an easy-to-read style, with a preface by a clinical psychologist, and Foreword by internationally renowned author Kevin Hogan. It is praised highly by major hypnosis associations, and takes the reader through the basics in "how to" format, with a lengthy chapter tracing the history of trance induction from ancient times to the present. Reviews are excellent. To order, push the appropriate button above.

What to Do When Your Buttons Get Pushed (Stress Management presentation):
This experiential presentation given at a national hypnosis convention in 1990 is still available for a reason. Roy Hunter had to walk his talk when unexpected events happened during his talk. Although some participants thought the demonstrations were planned, they were totally unexpected. The lecture was followed by a group meditation (3/4 hr.).

DVD Product Number: DVD01 - US $39.00


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Self-Empowerment for Weight Management, CD/MP3:
Revised from a 1984 script that has helped many clients with hypnotic weight loss over the years. This guided hypnotic meditation with Roy Hunter includes gentle background music. (20 min.) If you use food to deal with stress, CD101 on managing stress is a good companion for this CD.
CD Product Number: CD124 - US $19.95

**MP3 file, Product Number: MP124 - US $19.95

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**See important note for Europe residents.

Managing Stress: What to Do When Your Buttons Get Pushed (CD):
This hypnotic meditation guides you to your peaceful place, and then helps you establish triggers for choice when others push your buttons. It goes nicely with the video stress management presentation (DVD01). 18+ min.
CD Product Number: CD101 - US $19.95


**MP3 file, Product Number: MP101 - US $19.95

To download mp3 file, email Roy for specific instructions (

**See important note for Europe residents. 

The 10-minute Mindpower Nap (CD):
Take a short hypnotic nap with a guided meditation and gentle background music. This award-winning message is designed to suggest the benefit of a 1-hour nap in ten minutes. Note that this tape is NOT intended as a replacement to normal nightly sleeping habits! (10 min.)
CD Product Number: CD104 - US $19.95

NOTE: Out of compassion for victims of weather disasters (tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) around the world in recent months, the mp3 version is FREE for a limited time. You may hear the audio by clicking here...

Celebrate Your Success (CD):

Establish your trigger for peak performance as you use this self-hypnosis CD to remember past successes! 
(20+ min.)
Product Number: CD105 - US $19.95 (Not available in mp3 format)

Memory and Study Habits (CD):
Based on suggestions that have helped clients over the years, this CD is designed to help you in your study habits. It goes well with CD101 on stress management.
Product Number: CD125 - US $19.95 (Not available in mp3 format)

Introduction to Inductions (instructional CD)
Overview of induction types, summarizing information detailed in Chapter 5 of The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques. The reverse side of this hypnosis CD demonstrates a Progressive Relaxation induction with the same suggestions for stress management that are on CD101 (What to Do When You Buttons Get Pushed).
CD, Product Number: CD111 - US $24.95  (Not available in mp3 format)

**30 Insights from 3+ Decades of Client Centered Hypnotherapy (e-book) 
This ebook became reality after Scott Sandland asked Roy to share my professional insights for both veteran hypnotherapists and hypnosis professionals who are newer to the profession…as well as hypnosis students alike.
E-book from the former HypnoStore – US $16.00

**NOTE: New tax regulations in the European Union regarding VAT require collection of VAT on electronic downloads. Collection of VAT is a bookkeeping nightmare for small businesses, so neither any mp3 download purchases nor the e-book for EU residents will be honored.

DVD's on Basic Hypnosis:

Inductions: Discussion & Demonstration (Newer version):

This DVD was recorded at a workshop in Iceland in 2013, and comes with high reviews. It replaces the older version. Roy demonstrates various induction techniques described in the text, The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques. It is designed to help you master several hypnotic inductions. Because it is shipped from a separate location, it cannot be combined with other products for a free product. 

DVD Product Number: DVD08 - US $59.00

Do Clients BELIEVE They are Hypnotized? (Hypnotic Convincers): 
This DVD demonstrates challenge suggestions (or hypnotic "convincers") described in The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques. It was videotaped at a national hypnosis convention, with an introduction by world-famous author, Kevin Hogan, Ph.D., approximately 3/4 hr. in length. 
DVD Product Number: DVD03 - US $49.00

OWN a piece of HYPNOSIS HISTORY: Ormond McGill's 2-Day POWER Hypnosis Workshop (includes a portion of the stage hypnosis instruction taught by the late Ormond McGill, a world expert during his life!)
This was videotaped in front of a live workshop class at the 1990 Pacific Northwest Hypnotherapy Conference, with the legendary "Dean of American Hypnosis" sharing some unique concepts, replete with numerous demonstrations. (During his life, Dr. McGill received a portion of these sales.) Please allow three to five weeks for delivery for this product in the USA, and four to six weeks outside the USA. Shipping/handling is a flat fee of $35 anywhere.
Product Number: TD03- US $255.00

Concert of Hypnotism: Actual Stage hypnosis performance given by the late Ormond McGill
Ormond McGill presented his "Concert of Hypnotism" performance at a regional hypnosis conference in Seattle, Washington, on May 5, 1990. See a piece of hypnosis history from a 20th Century legend! Dr. McGill was called the "Dean of American Hypnotists" during his life because of his outstanding career and contributions to hypnosis. Hypnosis professionals around the globe held him in high esteem during his lifetime. He granted permission to Roy Hunter for this performance to be recorded and distributed. Note that the recording sat on a videotape for a number of years before being transferred to DVD, affecting the sound and picture; so the old video price was reduced to $75. 
Product Number: DVD102 - US $75.00

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