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The following hypnosis articles are now available for reading online. Included are hypnosis articles AND hypnotherapy articles. They are divided into two categories: Hypnosis & Self-Help (for general information), and Hypnosis Articles for Professionals. Simply CLICK on the desired article to read it.

Please do NOT download any articles that are excerpts from books, as they are copyrighted. You may download other articles and/or make hard copies, as long as they are reproduced in their entirety and/or credit is given for quoting sections.

Also, note that all articles are by Roy Hunter unless otherwise noted. Articles are accepted from other contributors. Enjoy!

Hypnosis and Self-Help Articles 

Breaking Free
by Alfred Barrios, PhD

Can Hypnosis Help My Back Pain?
by Kathryn Morris

Celebrate Your Success

Defeat Agoraphobia Efficaciously with Hypnotherapy
by Amanda Jerelyn

Depression, 7 Ways to Beat with Hypnotherapy
by Marcus Clarke

Embrace Self-Care and Transform Your Entrepeneurial Journey
by Jennifer McGregor

Expectations During Hypnosis 
by Jon Rhodes

Five Steps to Take After Being Diagnosed with a Chronic Pain Condition
by Kim Thomas

Five Study-Backed Benefits Hypnosis Can Provide
by Brenda Berg

Four Steps to Take After Learning a Loved One is Ill
by Craig Meadows

Give Your Sleep and Overall Wellness a Boost
with These Fat-Burning Tips
by Sheila Johnson

Giving Up Smoking: The New Way to Get ‘Rich’ Quick? 
by Ella Moss

How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Depression
submitted by Gemma from betterhelp.com

How to Deter Drastic Effects of FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out In Life
by Samantha Kaylee

How to Hypnotise Yourself 
by Jon Rhodes

Hypnosis: a Powerful Tool in Complementary Cancer Care 
by Jack Bleeker

Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss 
by Kenneth McRae

Mesothelioma: How Hypnotherapy Can Help Mesothelioma Patients
by Virgil Anderson

Navigating the Path to Renewal
by Jennifer McGregor

Norms to Accomplish While Performing Hypnosis
by Amanda Jerelyn

Self-Hypnosis: How to Enter a State of Self-Hypnosis

Selling Success to Your Subconscious

Stress Management with Self-Hypnosis

The Mental Mini-Vacation

Three Reasons People with Mental Illness Turn to Self-Medication
by Jennifer McGregor

Tips on Taking Care of Yourself
by Jennifer McGregor

To Smoke, or Not to Smoke?

Triumph Over Procrastination with Hypnotherapy
by Claudia Jeffrey

Ways to Treat Anxiety and Stress with Hypnotherapy
by Marcus Clarke

Why Should We Consider Hypnosis?

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Articles for Professionals

NEW: Keys for successful sessions, from Roy Hunter...
*Success Tip #1: Client choice
*Success Tip #2: Analytical clients
*Success Tip #3: The Value of Referrals
*Success Tip #4: How to Have a High Long Term Success Rate
*Success Tip #5: Why Should a Hypnotherapist Have a Website?

A Tribute to Charles Tebbetts

Advertize WISELY

Choosing a Hypnotherapist 
by David Quigley

Client-Centered Parts Therapy

Curing Cancer Through the Mind
by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD

False Memories: Can We Have 2 Memories of the Same Event?
(A Warning Regarding Hypnotic Regression)

Healing Back Pain with Hypnotic Movement
by David Quigley

Hypnosis During a Vasectomy 
by Seth-Deborah Roth

Hypnotherapy Privacy Technique
by Bryan M. Knight, MSW, PhD

Hypnotic Regression to an Unbelievable Initial Event
by Mark Johnson, CHt

Ideomotor Response Signals (Finger Response Questions)

Inductions for Analytical Resisters (Mental Confusion Inductions )

Pain Management: Changing Pain
by Daniel Cleary

Soul Retrieval: An Introduction for clients including one client’s account.  (1992)
by Costa Lambrias

Sun Bathing for the Soul
by Roseanne Leaton

The Four Cornerstones of Successful Hypnotherapy

What Is Parts Therapy

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