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Comments and Reviews from
Readers of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis


From Bernie Siegal, MD, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles; The Art of Healing; and other books...
Roy Hunter's book helps us to see the truth. There was consciousness and consciousness was with God and consciousness is God. I have experienced what he writes about and so I know the truth. I did not seek any of the events but my NDE, past life, hearing voices, seeing past present and future in dreams, drawings and symbols convinces me that God is intelligent, loving, conscious energy. Something we can all connect with when our minds become like the still pond and can then see true life reflected. Roy uses a term I have long valued: self-induced. Too often we think in terms of spontaneous remissions which are not miraculous or spontaneous. They are induced by the person and spiritual hypnosis can help people to find the harmony in their lives through transformation and find true healing of mind, body and spirit. We are not composed of separate entities but of one and mind, body and spirit all communicate through consciousness, which spiritual hypnosis can help us to achieve.

From Georgina McKinnon DHP, SportsHyp, MAPHP(supp) MNCP, RSM; Principal of the Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnosis...

Roy Hunter has produced a thought provoking, jargon free book that should in my view be essential reading for all hypnotherapists and psychotherapists’.  It draws together the contemporary, spiritual and philosophical into a powerful, very personal way of working for the individual on their Spirit Trek.  The Spirit Trek Protocol elegantly demonstrates how aspects of the client can work together in an integrative way, offering the potential of great help to those who need it. 

If you are open to ’thinking outside the box’ and considering fresh possibilities while working with the clients own belief system then this feels like the ultimate client centred therapy (even if they begin as skeptics). You will find the evidence here of great healing work, documented and willingly shared by Roy and the other authors.  As you read you will find yourself sharing the often surprising journey with numerous working therapists and their clients on the road to deeper understanding of self and beyond. It was interesting to have first hand accounts of the way therapists were working and much can be learned from this.  

This book appeals on a number of levels, in a fast paced pretty materialistic world where it is possible to feel very alone with problems so a focus toward more spiritual aspects, toward a spiritual being, a higher power if you will has proved to have been enormously empowering for so many of the people mentioned in this book. 

The authors pull the whole book together and it is obvious that Roy Hunter has first hand experience over many years of the benefits of working in this way. As a working hypnotherapist and psychotherapist I have found Roy's books invaluable.  The Art of Hypnosis is required reading at my Hypnotherapy Training School here in the UK, and I will have no hesitation in also adding this interesting book to the list.

From Robert F. Otto, CEO International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association...

I’ve never run across a book that made spiritual hypnosis so easy to understand. With so many personal case studies to review, it is sure to be a ‘go to’ reference book you reach for again and again.

I highly recommend The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis to new practitioners working in the spiritual realm as well as those with years of experience. If you’re looking to refine your skills, this book will prove to be an excellent resource. I‘m recommending it to every practitioner who works with clients.

From Joane Goulding, LMCCH., LMASCH., LMAACHP., Emeritus MPCHA., MATMS., MIACT., MIMDHA. Director: Goulding Institute, and Author: The Goulding Process. SleepTalk® for Children...

Experienced professional hypnotherapists and psychotherapists are now combining their awareness of metaphysics with the science of hypnosis. The book: The Art of SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS: ACCESSING DIVINE WISDOM has documented a fascinating collection of case histories written by those that I consider experts. Spiritual awareness is a necessary component when working with the mind and any level of age regression. There is no separation, regardless of your own personal beliefs in God or spirituality. The bio-psycho-social aspect of the mind/body/spirt interaction is clearly evident when you read this book.

The chapters share with the reader a wide range of intriguing, detailed conversations and dialogue. The interactions between the client and the therapist will enable the reader to gain awareness from knowledge about lessons in life, rather than having to experience them personally.

Working with age regression as a clinical hypnotherapist during the past 40 years, has allowed me the privilege to study and work with the science of metaphysics. I spent many years researching the ability of the mind to enable access to awareness throughout my own personal journey. I learned that both ‘kerma’ and ‘karma’ (or cause and effect) are just vehicles for knowledge, learning and experiencing as the soul evolves through many life times.   

The ability to access that knowledge via the skills of a hypnotherapist is profound and this book brings together experts from around the world who share their wisdom and thoughts. So thank you Roy, for all your wisdom and knowledge which enabled you to create this fascinating reading. It’s a ‘must have’ for every therapist. 

From Rafael Melsert, MD and biophoton researcher...

I first met Roy on a workshop about Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution. I get blessed to know an outstanding teacher, totally committed to the learning process of his students, besides an amazing person and a friend.

On this new book, he journeys to the Spiritual Realms, on the quest for answers  to support him on the art he performs best: to help people to evolve to Love and Healing. I wonder that a quote from Rumi fits well here: The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

From Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD, President, The International Hypnosis Federation...

Thought provoking snippets of consciousness that evoke your own inner wisdom to sit up, take stock and move into action. So read and reap. If you pay close attention, you just may find that you get high with your higher self!

From "A Thrilled Reader" on

It comes as no surprise to me that Roy Hunter's latest offering is a great one! He brought hypnotherapists from all over the world together to share their stories of working with clients in the spiritual realm in hypnosis, a concept that really hasn't been explored too much. I'm thrilled that all of these excellent hypnotherapists shared their stories so that we can really have a birds-eye view into what really happens in a spiritual hypnosis session. It's eye-opening!

I think that if you are interested in hypnosis and you are spiritual, the reading of this book will open your eyes in ways you never thought possible. You will learn, you will feel love, you will laugh, you might even cry. But most of all, you will feel inspired. I can't think of a better reason to read a book.

From John Gudeman, Wildwood, MO...

Recently, I completed Roy Hunter's 2016 book,  "THE ART OF SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS Accessing Divine Wisdom".  Although numerous luminaries have contributed to his book, Roy was the guiding light which propelled his book into fruition.  THE ART OF SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS is a significant volume which relates how hundreds of individuals have overcome real life problems through the incorporation of spiritual hypnosis.

A colleague writes the following in the Forward for Roy's book:  "A superbly gifted clinician, distinguished lecturer, educator and brilliant author, while an incredibly compassionate and caring human being, Roy Hunter brings to life yet another enriching reading experience in this new book.  In the ART OF SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS, he brings together the clinical experiences of various clinicians in order to shed light on the role of hypnosis as a tool in employing our spiritual capacity to heal".  In reading Roy's book cover to cover, I have found value and insight in every chapter and I'm looking forward to perusing his book again to gain additonal understanding.

From Sheryl Glick, RMT, host of Healing from Within

The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis shares the wisdom of many conscious authors and practitioners whose passion is to help others cultivate a mind set for success and realize the potential of their mind, body and spirit. READ THIS BOOK to understand hypnotism as a tool for health and well being and how doctors like C. Norman Shealy has personally practiced "Past Life Therapy" as an effective treatment for many disorders. Learn how to change ways of thinking and behaving to reach goals. Loved chapter one of Spiritual Realms reported by professionals such as Raymond Moody M.D., Eben Alexander M.D., Elisabeth Kubler Ross M.D., share their journeys of life beyond life. Another tool for incorporating effective methods to access your higher self and discover your souls purpose. Well done.

From Scott Schumacher, another reader on

Not only is Roy Hunter's book, The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, a great collaborative work, I believe it belongs on any holistic practitioner's bookshelf.
Roy's introduction and case study chapter are full of well-researched complimentary resources, books, and studies by other authors and practitioners - that even alone, this section will have you taking notes for further inquiry. The subsequent chapters of stories and case studies from hypnotherapists and healing practitioners offer up very compelling and engaging examples of how tapping into spiritual realms for clients can bring about amazing experiences of new insights, released fears, clarity, and healing.
I recommend this book not only for hypnotherapists, but for any holistic or complementary therapist, bodyworker, or healer.



Last updated: July 15, 2017