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Hypnotherapy Training Materials


This page contains descriptions of various hypnotherapy training materials by Roy Hunter that are currently available for hypnosis professionals.

***Online Professional Mentoring Program:***
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MP4:  Regression Workshop with Roy Hunter
See Roy Hunter facilitate a regression therapy workshop, recorded in June of 2011 in California. Edited MP4 video files are on a thumb drive, viewable on most computers (PC and Mac). Includes PDF workbook.
Thumb drive, Product #: TD01 - US $175.00
Price includes shipping & handling. If you prefer quicker access, send an email to request DropBox access (except citizens of EEC countries).

MP4:  Parts Therapy Workshop with Roy Hunter
See Roy Hunter facilitate a 2-day parts therapy workshop, recorded in June of 2011 in California. MP4 video files are on a thumb drive, viewable on most computers (PC and Mac)...length, over 10 1/2 hrs. edited. Includes PDF copy of Participant workbook. Note that the video quality on the product is better than the free preview.
Thumb drive, Product #: TD02 - US $175.00
Price includes shipping & handling. If you prefer quicker access, send an email to request DropBox access (except citizens of EEC countries).

Click here for a FREE 11-minute PREVIEW of Parts Therapy Workshop, with selected segments from entire workshop.

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Get BOTH workshops for $295 * Price includes shipping & handling.

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Online Training in Parts Therapy and/or Regression Therapy:
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DVD:  Parts Sessions with Roy Hunter
Hypnotherapy DVD! See Roy Hunter facilitate parts therapy in front of a live audience. Witness INSTANT results as a man who had a fear of speaking talks to over 50 people! ...length, 1 1/4 hr. (all lengths approximate).
DVD, Product Number: DVD43 - US $59.00

DVD:  Spirit Trek
Have you ever wanted to ask God (or your Higher Power) a question and get an immediate answer? With a unique application of parts therapy, Roy calls out that part of the inner mind closest to the client’s perception of God or Higher Power. See Roy explain and demonstrate the concept in front of a live audience at an IMDHA chapter meeting. 1 1/4 hr. Note: all lengths approximate.
DVD, Product Number: DVD44 - US $59.00

DVD:  The Benefits Approach (Selling Success to the Subconscious)
This hypnosis DVD presentation and demonstration of the Benefits Approach for habit control and motivation was given in my Milton classroom in January of 2008, with videography by Joni Wiley. This session helped increase the motivating desire of a student to successfully quit smoking. 1 1/4 hr. 
DVD, Product Number: DVD41 - US $49.00

DVD:  The 5 Phases of Regression
This is a 2009 presentation overviewing hypnotic regression therapy from start to finish, with videography by Joni Wiley. I discuss the differences between guiding and leading, and review the entire hypnotic regression process. 1.3+ hr.
DVD, Product Number DVD42 - US $55.00

DVD:  Motivation Mapping
This unique way of analyzing habits was originated by Roy Hunter and developed from a concept taught by the late Charles Tebbetts. The DVD includes a demonstration of the motivation mapping technique. Videotaped in the classroom at Everett Community College (and detailed in Chapter 15 of The Art of Hypnotherapy)...length, 2 hrs.
DVD, Product Number: DVD31 - US $59.00

DVD:  An epileptic overcomes seizures... "A Miracle on Demand" (Therapy by CharlesTebbetts)
The late Charles Tebbetts was at his best facilitating this therapy for a former epileptic, using both regression and parts therapy - with a resulting success that lasted for nine years before anotherfollowup was needed. This profound therapy was detailed in Chapter 12 of The Art of Hypnotherapy...length, under 1hr. 
DVD Product Number: DVD32 - US $59.00

*Parts Therapy Workshop (3-DVD set):
"I watched them last night...the content is what I was looking for..." (Beverley M., Australia)
Parts Therapy (also called "ego states" therapy) is perhaps the most complex hypnotherapy technique used, and often is the best method of helping clients resolve inner conflicts. This DVD set is an edited version of a two-day parts therapy workshop, with some of the Q/A edited out, as well as the break-away practice sessions edited out (4 1/2 hrs.). This DVD-set is recommended only for professionals (or advanced hypnotherapy students) who have already received training in hypnotic regression therapy.
*DISCLOSURE: This three-disc set was recorded at Dublin, Ireland, in 1999 by my host. Although the audio quality of the recordings is not at the highest professional level I desire, they are most definitely viewable.  The set was discontinued for a while; but due to the great demand for the content contained, this set is again available for purchase, but now at $125 instead of $165.
DVD Product Number: DVD35 – US $125.00

**DELUXE Parts Therapy Package:
Buy the DELUXE package and receive:
Text: Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution 
TD02: 2-day Parts Therapy Workshop (mp4 files)
DVD 32: “A Miracle on Demand” (Tebbetts therapy)
DVD 43: Parts Sessions with Roy Hunter
CD104: The 10-Minute Nap

Package price of $395 (Valued at $478)
Product Number: DLX PT - US $395.00

**A flat fee of $45 for shipping/handling will be added to the price, so $440 will appear in the shopping cart.

Special HISTORICAL Presentation: Ormond McGill's Power Hypnosis Workshop (Seattle, May of 1990)
Are you ready to expand your open-mindedness and explore metaphysical possibilities? View the late Ormond McGill's very unique 2-day Power Hypnosis workshop as presented in Seattle in 1990! Dr. McGill was considered by many to be the "Dean of American Hypnosis" during his life, and the most highly respected stage hypnotist of the 20th Century! This 5-DVD set edits the historical 16-hour presentation down to approximately nine hours of viewing time. Note that you will need to turn the volume up on your TV. Also, this special DVD set is NOT for the beginner! (A significant portion of this purchase price went to Dr. McGill before his passing.) This set is recommended for Certified Hypnotherapists or students of advanced hypnotherapy only! Note that the price was reduced twice because Part 1 of five parts has a sound distortion in the master that has not yet been repaired. (Please allow three to five weeks for delivery domestic, or four to six weeks for International orders.) 
DVD, Product Number: DVD102 - WAS $495.00
Reduced Price: US $325.00 + $55 shipping/handling.

Ego State Therapy (by Gordon Emmerson, Ph.D.)
Crown House Publishing, ©2003

This book is highly recommended reading for Roy Hunter’s hypnosis students, and recommended in Roy's parts therapy workshops. While parts therapy has many variations, Ego State Therapy can be considered a twin of parts therapy, in that proper facilitation of ego state therapy is client-centered. Gordon Emmerson has taken the work of Watkins and Watkins to the next level. By special arrangement from Crown House Publishing, we are pleased to offer this outstanding professional book!
About the Author: Gordon Emmerson, PhD, is a senior lecturer in psychology at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia and is assistant editor of the Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Other products and downloads may become available in the future. Be sure to check back occasionally to see what’s new!

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