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5 Study-Backed Benefits Hypnosis Can Provide

GUEST ARTICLE: by Brenda Berg

You may have heard of hypnosis as a practice where someone can ‘get inside of your head’ to make you do something without even being aware of it. Perhaps you’ve seen a live show where a member of the audience has clucked around on stage like a chicken.

Maybe you’ve seen it on television, like famous artists such as Derren Brown and his Tricks of the Mind series. However, we’re not talking about swinging pendants and ‘you are getting sleepy’ references, today we’re talking about the real science-backed benefits that professional hypnosis can bring to your life.

These are treatments that can help your physical and mental wellbeing and even used to help people going through therapy. Not sure whether it’s for you? Here are some of the best, most beneficial properties of hypnosis.

#1 - Improving Your Sleeping Quality

Perhaps the most popular and most renowned benefit of hypnosis treatments is helping you to improve the quality of your sleep.

One study found that a group of healthy, typical women who have listened to a hypnotic suggestion track and then proceeded to nap for 90-minutes spent up to 80% more of their nap in the ‘slow-wave’ sleep state, the part of your sleeping pattern where your brain restores and recovers its energy levels.

#2 - Reduce Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

While this benefit may surprise you, a 2003 study found that, out of 204 cases of IBS, 71% of cases reported improve symptoms after 12-hour-long sessions a week. In fact, 81% of these positively affected were able to enjoy the benefits up to six years after the original treatment had ended.

“Another, more recent, 2012 study showed similar results, with 81% claiming better symptoms that lasted up to seven years,” says Nicolas Turner, a science writer for Academized.

#3 - Reduce Levels of Pain

One of the most common reasons that hypnosis is used is to reduce levels of pain that the body is feeling, either physically or emotionally. This area of treatment is also the most researched. Two main studies, one published back in 2000, and the other in 2009, showed that hypnotic treatments were incredibly effective in this field.

Some of the positively affected conditions included fibromyalgia, cancer and even arthritis. However, while common on a one-to-one or individual basis, there are very little regulations, standardizations or administrative services in place that cover this level of practice, hence why you won’t find it offered through many healthcare services.

#4 - Calming Jittery Nerves

Are you the sort of person who suffers a case of the nerves, or nervousness, quite badly, so much so that it can directly impact other areas of your life? If so, you might find comfort in the fact that there are many hypnosis services out there that can help.

Due to the fact that hypnosis taps into the power of your mind, it’s not uncommon for these treatments to be used to relive most kinds of anxiety or relieve you of any fears that you may be having about the past or the future.

Most commonly, and perhaps most surprisingly, this is a practice that is used on pregnant women who are nervous or anxious about their upcoming birth, which of course feeling this way could cause many complications during the actual procedure.

While more research is required for this to be classed as an optimal practice for tackling everyday anxiety, stress and even depression, the case so far and how hypnosis has been used in similar situations suggests that this could be a viable solution.

#5 - Calming Hot Flashes

“Many of us are surprised with just how frequently we can suffer from hot flashes, most commonly in menopausal women, some of whom can experience 50 of them a week. However, studies show that these flashes can be reduced by as much as 74% with just 5 weekly hypnotic sessions” says Jennifer Winter, a lifestyle writer for Australian Help.

Get Started Yourself

Of course, hypnosis therapy can be expensive, depending on what services are available in your local area. However, while it takes an immense amount of training to learn it yourself, there is a number of techniques you can use to start feeling some of the benefits.

Bonus Fact

According to Psych Central, detail many benefits that hypnosis therapy can provide, including the hypnotic effects of writing and how expressing yourself in this way can provide some benefits. If you’re not confident with your creativity and writing skills in this way, you can learn to improve your skills using guides like State of Writing or Paper Fellows and use benefits of hypnosis.


As you can see, there are so many positive benefits that hypnosis can bring into your life, all of which are backed up by scientific studies that have stood the test of time uncontested for many years. If you’re considering using a hypnosis service for treatment in your life, it’s safe to say there are many ways that it can change your life for the better.

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Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at Oxessays. She believes that constant learning is the only way to success. You can visit her personal blog at

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Article posted: March 27, 2018 

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