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Continuing Education in Hypnosis:

Other LINKS pages are divided into several categories.

The World Directory of Hypnosis Professionals and Parts Therapy Facilitators (includes practitioners of ego state therapy and/or NLP who choose to list) is now at: 

Hypnosis Associations & Informational Sites - this page (associations by alphabet, info sites by chronology), as well as Stage Hypnotists (sorted by chronology).

As a courtesy to everyone interested in hypnosis, sites that are not directly related to hypnosis are no longer shown on my website. This includes "Misc. health and self-improvement sites not directly related to hypnosis" that was previously displayed on this website. It was removed at the recommendation of an SEO consultant.

Recommended Hypnosis Schools: Programs of 150+ hrs.(separate URL page, part of the Training section) can be reached by moving your mouse over "Training" and then clicking on "Hypnosis Schools" or clicking here.

Also note that the links on this page are provided as a COURTESY; and the appearance of a link does NOT constitute an endorsement from anyone responsible for this website even though the professionals represent themselves as having training and belonging to a professional hypnosis association (there is not sufficient time to verify the credentials of everyone requesting links).

You may wish to read the "Official Hypnosis FAQ" before finding help and choosing. To find help in choosing a qualified hypnotherapist, pay close attention to the last question in that FAQ. If in doubt, ask your prospective hypnotist or hypnotherapist if they offer a free consultation.

*The database contains links to help you find a hypnotist, hypnosis professional, or locate a hypnotherapist or NLP practioner anywhere on the globewhere practitioners have submitted links AND agreed to the Terms of Service, which apply to all who use

IMPORTANT NOTES: Hypnosis associations are listed in alphabetical order, and are shown above informational sites. These pages are provided as a service only; and I have not researched the credentials of those listed here. The person browsing is totally responsible for any decisions made as a result of information received from the links, and is encouraged to do any appropriate research prior to making any commitments. Note: Because some may download or print this page, I have my own sites listed as well.

Hypnosis Associations and Informational Sites (in alphabetical order)
American Council of Hypnotist  (A.C.H.E.)

American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (AAPH)

Association for Professional Hypnosis and

Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH)

Australian Hypnotherapists' Association (AHA)

Banyan 5-Path & 7-Path training, products & info:

Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists (Australia) (now links to the Goulding Institute)

HypnoCruise: Hypnotic education on a cruise ship

HypnoBirthing Institute: 
(Marie F. Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy.)

Hypnosis Continuing Education:

(Numerous articles and info regarding hypnosis & hypnotherapy)

Hypnotherapy Society:

International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy: (IACH)

International Association of Counselors and Therapists: (I.A.C.T.)

International Hypnosis Hall of Fame (Honoring outstanding hypnosis professionals) re-organized; look for updated link later.

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy (I.M.D.H.A.)

International Spiritual Hypnotherapy

International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists:  (Dr. Bryan Knight)

Irish Association Hypnotherapists

Milton H. Erickson Foundation: in the work of Dr. Erickson)

National Association of Transpersonal (N.A.T.H.)

National Board for Certified Clinical (NBCCH)

National Guild of Hypnotists: (N.G.H.)

National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists

Professional Board of Hypnotherapy:

Sociedad de Hipnoterapia Clinica

Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Brief

Society of Experiential Trance:

Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers:

Theravive (Links to counselors)

United Fellowship of Hypnotherapists;

Washington State Chapter of NGH (former Tebbetts chapter) (Western WA)

Charter Links: Other Informational Hypnosis Sites 

(These are listed in chronological order of receiving listing requests...and received the first two years after I started accepting links. No new listings in this category are accepted.)

Roy Hunter's Hypnotherapy (the site you are currently visiting):

Omni Hypnosis (Gerald Kein): ("Kevin Hogan's website offers 200 pages of free articles about hypnosis, NLP, tinnitus, persuasion, and information about hypnotherapy certification trainings.)

HypnoBirthing Institute: (Marie F. Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy.) (Diviniti Publishing, Ltd.; UK) (Ask the Internet Therapist) (Dreamspring Institute) (The official U.K.HypnoBirthing site, the Mongan Method, for links in the U.K.) (Holistic Junction: Resource guide for holistic practitioners includes links for hypnotherapy schools)

Stage Hypnotists (sorted by chronological order of receiving listing requests) (Desiere'e, Mystifying Hypnotist) (SZELES, Stage Hypnotist) Darrow (Lee Darrow, C.Ht.; IL) (Attila, Fastest Stage Hypnotist; CANADA) "America's Greatest Stage Hypnotists," (Jerry Valley's home page; he offers a Complete Stage Hypnosis Video+Manual Home Study Course) (Russ Peak's stage hypnosis) (Scott Anthony, one of Europe's most popular and talented stage hypnotists) (Kelley Rae, Master Hypnotist, International Stage Performer) (Alexander Duvall's website) (Dave Hill) (Dr. Level's Comedy Hypnosis Show) (Spencer's home page) (Stage Hypnotist Monica; Imagine, Discover, Experience!) (Mike Lamp, the "Godfather" of hypnotism) (Grant Boddington's World of Hypnosis) (Jonathan Royle, Great Britain) (Robert Mesmer, Comedy Hypnosis) ("Simply the best name in first class hypnotic performances" TM: - UK, PeterSt.Cloud) (Lazlo Harasztosi, Hungary) (Chris Cady, Reno, NV, USA) (Joe DeVito, New England) (Troye, the hip hypnotist…South Africa) (Jonothan Royle, U.K.) (Pekka Pakarainen, Finland) (BLAZE, The Hottest Name for Hilarious Hypnotic Entertainment! Richmond, VA) (Learn stage hypnosis; William Paige) ("The Incredible BORIS") (Rory Z., UK) (Chris John)

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