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Basic Hypnosis Information


Are you new to Hypnosis? This page is a summary of basic hypnosis information. Start Reading Below...

Are you ready to find a way to turn your subconscious into your servant instead of letting it be your slavemaster? Do you desire to attain your ideal self-empowerment? If you are considering hypnosis to transform your life, this is a good place to start your research. My website was first launched in 1998, and has expanded over the years.

Articles for both the prospective client and the hypnosis professional:

Numerous hypnosis articles are posted on this website. Click here for a list.

Why Should We Consider Hypnosis?

The best way to answer that is to read the article with the same title as the bold (click here), and then return to this page.

Change your mind, and then change your life. First, you have to choose to change; then a professional who masters the art of hypnosis can help you succeed!

Do you have questions? There are two FAQ's:

Read the hypnotherapy FAQ by clicking here.

Read The Official alt.hypnosis FAQ (frequently asked questions). Roy maintained the official hypnosis FAQ for an internet newsgroup from the 1990’s through 2012. It is posted at this website - simply click here (or above).

What Is Parts Therapy?

Roy is considered the authority on parts therapy. Click here to see the parts therapy home page.

Recommended Books

Hypnosis students and professionals alike often ask about recommended hypnosis books. There is a page on this site listing books about both basic hypnosis and advanced hypnosis.

Hypnosis Links

There are two separate pages with hypnosis links:

Click here to see links to hypnosis schools with at least 150 hours of instruction.

Click here to see other hypnosis links.

All who are interested in hypnosis, whether professionals or prospective clients, may find it worthwhile to go to:

A qualified hypnotherapist can help you by using hypnosis to help you quit smoking for the last time, or help you accomplish the following goals: manage stress, habit control, sports enhancement (such as improving at golf or bowling), sales motivation, overcome fears & anxieties (such as fear of flying), manage pain (requires physician’s referral), and more…

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To find a hypnotherapist near you, go to:

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