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Comments and Reviews from
Readers of Roy's Books


From Bernie Siegal, MD, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles; The Art of Healing; and other books... regarding The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis:

Roy Hunter's book helps us to see the truth. There was consciousness and consciousness was with God and consciousness is God. I have experienced what he writes about and so I know the truth. I did not seek any of the events but my NDE, past life, hearing voices, seeing past present and future in dreams, drawings and symbols convinces me that God is intelligent, loving, conscious energy. Something we can all connect with when our minds become like the still pond and can then see true life reflected. Roy uses a term I have long valued: self-induced. Too often we think in terms of spontaneous remissions which are not miraculous or spontaneous. They are induced by the person and spiritual hypnosis can help people to find the harmony in their lives through transformation and find true healing of mind, body and spirit. We are not composed of separate entities but of one and mind, body and spirit all communicate through consciousness, which spiritual hypnosis can help us to achieve.

From Tom Barber, MA, DHp; Director, Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies, UK, regarding Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis:

Roy Hunter’s writings, without exception, show a deep and passionate belief in his work, and in the power of the subconscious mind to effect change. This book carries on this tradition in style. Just one look at the contents shows the reader that they are about to go on a journey of discovery into the world of mastering change through the use of creative hypnotic strategies.

I have had the pleasure of being in some of Roy’s masterclasses a few years ago in California, and was impressed by the depth of his knowledge back then. More so I was mesmerised by the pure joy and passion he has in his work. This book is a real gem, and one which shows his commitment to the profession like few can or do. It will go to the top of our College’s reading list without doubt.

If you really want to know your stuff in the world of hypnosis and Empowerment, look no further than Mastering the Power of Self Hypnosis.

From Michelle Mayur, a published author and hypnotherapist in Australia (regarding The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis):

The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis is a fascinating, thought-provoking and engrossing read of case studies and more from top hypnotherapists around the world in which clients are guided into deep hypnosis and can then contact their “Higher Power”. Accessing this higher wisdom allows long-standing issues to often be resolved in minutes. Even agnostic clients have felt connected to something so much greater than our normal reality would suggest. This book has inspired me to explore Spiritual Hypnosis even more this book!

From Kevin Hogan, Ph.D., published author of several books (regarding The Art of Hypnosis):

The Art of Hypnosis is a must have book for anyone practicing hypnosis. The book is accessible for the beginner while offering powerful tools for the seasoned professional. Roy Hunter has succeeded in combining theory and practical skill, making hypnosis understandable and immediately applicable to the reader. The Art of Hypnosis receives my highest endorsement.

From Kevin Hogan, Ph.D., published author of several books, re: Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution:

This book is the single finest work for performing parts therapy I have ever seen. Every therapist must have this book because it is a step-by-step guide to one of the more complicated and important elements of hypnotherapy. Replete with examples and contingency plans, Roy Hunter has covered every base. The book makes parts therapy understandable to the beginner and offers numerous new insights to the skilled practitioner. I wish I would have written it!

From (late) Richard Zarro, Award Winning Author, re: The Art of Hypnotherapy:

It is fabulous! It is a wonderful book that's going to help a lot of people, and it's well written.

From a Hypnotherapist in Maine:

I write to thank you for being the gifted and generous teacher and guide that you are! Your books are my Bibles (hypnosis bibles) which I return to over and over again.

From Judith Pearson, Ph.D., a published author, therapist and trainer in Virginia, re: The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy:

Two of hypnotherapy’s stellar practitioners, Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer, have pooled their expertise to produce a book on regression hypnotherapy so comprehensive, it is the only guide to regression hypnosis a hypnotherapist will ever need.  In The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy,the authors have drawn from their mentors, David Cheek, Charles Tebbetts, and Dabney Ewin, as well as other hypnotherapists whose work established major milestones in hypnotherapy practice.

This well-written, well-documented book will make a welcome additional to any hypnotherapist’s library. It makes a perfect companion to Ewin and Eimer’sIdeomotor Signals for Rapid Hypnoanalysis, which I also recommend.

NOTE: More reviews of the regression text appear on the Crown House Publishing website.

The late Paul Durbin (published author) from New Orleans, LA , March 4, 1998 (on, rated 5-stars for The Art of Hypnosis:

A good basic book on hypnosis…

Roy Hunter has done himself and his teacher, CharlesTebbets, proud with this book. It is a good book for beginners and professionals. It is a good companion book to Hunter's second and more advanced book, The Art of Hypnotherapy. Both have been helpful to me in my work at Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital, New Orleans,LA. I recommend this book. Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D.

From Lynda Hudson, Clinical Hypnotherapist and published author re: Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis:

Roy Hunter has written another authoritative and engaging book, Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis; this time it is a rewrite of an earlier book on Self Hypnosis that I somehow missed first time around. What an excellent book this is!

This book is full of insights, self hypnosis practice activities, scripts, powerful triggers, motivational mapping tools, stress relievers, and so much more. Do read it … you will be so glad you did!

From the current President of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) re: The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy: Joseph F Zastrow MD FAAFP; ASCH President 2012, Mooresville, NC (as of the date of the review):

The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy is co-authored by two individuals with common practice but differing hypnosis pedigree; Dr. Roy Hunter is Guild trained and Dr. Bruce Eimer is Asch trained. This book is built on atop of Eimer’s previous text co-authored with Dr. Dabney Ewin entitled Ideomotor Signals for Rapid Hypnoanalysis: A How-To Manual. Whereas the previous book was a nuts and bolts 'how to manual', this book is designed to express the art of employing hypnoanalysis. This book is a synthesis of the nuances applied to hypnoanalysis through two different viewpoints intersecting in the same location. The reader will experience the artful application ofhypnoanalysis through case study. Each author tempers their traditional positions with proper caveats to all. For those tempted to lead patients, the warnings on false memory are clear. The authors also delve into the controversial area of past life regression within the clinical context of hypnoanalysis but also with cautions and thoughtful discourse yielding an invitation to open the traditional play book to new boundaries.

This book contains practical applications and an explanation of each author’s techniques. Although this book is geared for experienced hypnotists providing additional induction techniques attributed to their authors is a surprise bonus. The stories of David Cheek’s seven psychodynamics of a symptom are revisited and a shortened version lifted from the previous text by Eimerand Ewing. This provides a good overview for those unfamiliar or unread in this area.

A basic theme for hypnoanalysis is that the client knows what they need, but need coaching to find it and correct it. Looking beyond activating events or subsequent sensitizing events leads one to the root cause or initial sensitizing events and hence treatment. The psychosomatic problem-solving is artfully described and adjudicated through Roy Hunter’s multiple case examples and Bruce Eimer’s PTSD and pain patients. Through the techniques that are described in this text, Dr’s Hunter and Eimer create and activate the art of hypnosis and coupled this with an excellent review of various psychotherapy techniques employed.

Hypnoanalysis is truly more art than science and with the strokes of the pen this solid book teaches us to open a new canvas in which those trained in hypnosis arts can paint.

From the Founder of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), and published author, re: The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy:
Terence Watts, MCGI, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine; Founder of APHP

As a hypnoanalyst for many years, I can vouch for the fact that this wonderful book contains every bit of information needed to use regression therapy successfully. Scripts, techniques, ‘how-to’ examples and case studies, along with a defined structure for the therapy, make this the ideal read for the newcomer to regression work, as well as having much of worth to those more experienced. Authors Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer are experienced and accomplished professional therapists – and it shows.

NOTE: More reviews of the regression text appear on the Crown House Publishing website.

From Tad James, Ph.D., published author of several books re: The Art of Hypnosis:

The Art of Hypnosis brings together and outlines the work of the late Charles Tebbets, and is most skillfully presented here by Roy Hunter. This is a must read for anyone interested in the 20th Century history of hypnosis.

From John Hughes, D.C., former NGH Research Editor, re: The Art of Hypnosis:

The Art of Hypnosis is a lively hands-on learning experience grounded in well-documented theoretical concepts. The novice and experienced hypnotherapist will find this a valuable sourcebook on how to do hypnotherapy.

From Georgina McKinnon DHP, SportsHyp, MAPHP(supp) MNCP, RSM; Principal of the Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, re: The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis:

Roy Hunter has produced a thought provoking, jargon free book that should in my view be essential reading for all hypnotherapists and psychotherapists’.  It draws together the contemporary, spiritual and philosophical into a powerful, very personal way of working for the individual on their Spirit Trek.  The Spirit Trek Protocol elegantly demonstrates how aspects of the client can work together in an integrative way, offering the potential of great help to those who need it. 

If you are open to ’thinking outside the box’ and considering fresh possibilities while working with the clients own belief system then this feels like the ultimate client centred therapy (even if they begin as skeptics). You will find the evidence here of great healing work, documented and willingly shared by Roy and the other authors.  As you read you will find yourself sharing the often surprising journey with numerous working therapists and their clients on the road to deeper understanding of self and beyond. It was interesting to have first hand accounts of the way therapists were working and much can be learned from this.  

This book appeals on a number of levels, in a fast paced pretty materialistic world where it is possible to feel very alone with problems so a focus toward more spiritual aspects, toward a spiritual being, a higher power if you will has proved to have been enormously empowering for so many of the people mentioned in this book. 

The authors pull the whole book together and it is obvious that Roy Hunter has first hand experience over many years of the benefits of working in this way. As a working hypnotherapist and psychotherapist I have found Roy's books invaluable.  "The Art of Hypnosis" is required reading at my Hypnotherapy Training School here in the UK, and I will have no hesitation in also adding this interesting book to the list.

From a hypnotherapist in Florida re: The Art of Hypnotherapy:
I had a hard time putting it down... I purchased your book, The Art of Hypnotherapy. I have to say that I truly enjoyed your book. Although I am not a person who can sit very long in one place, I did with this book!!! I had a hard time putting it down. I like how well it is organized, step by step, easy to read, how and what if nothing works! I have been using it daily.

From a HypnoThoughts Member re: “28 Insights…” (now 30+ Insights...")

First of all I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write your E-Book "28 Insights" and I suggest that ANYONE who doesn't have it as a hypnotherapist SHOULD. Not everything was "new" to me since marketing/sales of my previous company for 17 yrs it is my forte! HOWEVERyou zone in on this specific field and I admire your wisdom. I DID learn A LOT of concepts and already begun utilizing them. The other 'ideas' were good refreshers. SO thank you Roy!!!

From a Hypnotherapist in the U.K.:
I have marked the pages of your hypnosis books as much as my Bible. The pages are all worn from use.

A reader from a writer and lecturer in South Texas , July 16, 1998 (on, rates 5-stars:
Excellent preference & tutorial to The Art of Hypnotherapy... Excellent book for understanding the history, application, and techniques of Hypnosis. I recommend this book to friends and professional associates, as well as the Art of Hypnotherapy, for those wanting to learn about applying these techniques. I've found that using the NeurosyncMIME software CD allows one to use subliminal messages and hypnotic Entrainment for behavior modification and many of my clinical contacts use the Art Of Hypnotherapy in conjunction with the software. I highly recommend this book to the curious, the student of Hypnotherapy, and the professional.

From a therapist in Ireland (via e-mail) re: The Art of Hypnosis:
I have just finished reading your book "The Art of Hypnosis" and I felt compelled to inform you that I thought it was wonderful. I feel it is with out doubt the most straight forward, jargon free (especially for an American writer), easy to read and yet packed full of very useful information book that I have read to date. I am currently recommending it to my fellow therapists here inIreland and will continue to do so.

From a psychologist in Wisconsin:
I am a clinical psychologist working in pain psychology in Wausau Wisconsin.  You writings have been been key in informing my treatment of patients.  I am hopeful that at some time I will be able to attend your classes. 

From a highly respected hypnotherapy instructor:
As for the Art of Hypnosis and Art of Hypnotherapy, they are two of the finest books I've seen for new hypnotherapists, and I've read just about everything on the planet in this field.

From Pamela Winkler, Ph.D., re: The Art of Hypnotherapy:
Roy Hunter's text, The Art of Hypnotherapy, is a masterful presentation of the fundamentals as well as advanced techniques of clinical hypnotherapy. I highly recommend it for the beginner as well as the experienced hypnotherapist.

From a licensed physician (via e-mail):
Just finished your book The Art of Hypnotherapy. Another very readable and practical guide. Thanks for your efforts, dedication and time.

From Robert Ortego, C.Ht., Counselor/Consultant:
This is by far the most dynamic and clear course on hypnosis I've read, truly inspirational! It's easily understood by anyone, both professional and layman alike. It is a MUST for anyone in the mental health care field using hypnosis.

From a hypnotherapist in the UK re: Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution:
I have recently read your book: Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution (Introducing Parts Therapy)....I congratulate you sir.....A fine tome! Clear, Concise very readable, well done!!
(Michael D., Hypnotherapist)

From a hypnotherapy student:
Your book is excellent and easy to read. This is the first time I've ever wanted to finish reading a text book before finishing the class. I like your step-by-step approach and your writing style. You make things easy to understand. (Bob H., Counselor, hypnotherapy student)

From a Certified Hypnotherapist:
I have been waiting for many years for a hypnosis book like this one. In my opinion, it is the Bible of hypnotherapy (Cindy N., Certified Hypnotherapist)

From an ordained minister and hypnotherapist (stated in a public place) re: the self-hypnosis book:
Your new self-hypnosis book is the best one out there. I recommend it to my clients.

From a professional trainer:
I would like to buy copies of Master the Power of Self-Hypnosis direct from your publisher and provide them to participants at my motivational workshops.


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