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7 Ways to Beat Depression with Hypnotherapy


7 Ways to Beat Depression with Hypnotherapy
GUEST ARTICLE: by Marcus Clarke

Depression can be extremely tricky to navigate and to treat.  Most of the time, we don’t even know where to start! Hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool as it provides clarity, calmness, and perspective.  In recent times, it’s become a popular therapy option for treating depression.  Here are 7 ways to beat your depression with hypnotherapy:

Get to the source of your problem
As depression is so complex, we often aren’t even sure ourselves what the source of our problems is.  When we use hypnotherapy, our mind is clearer and we have a better chance of seeing the problem in isolation.  Instead of aimlessly attacking the symptoms, hypnotherapy allows you to target the direct cause of your emotional pain.  With greater clarity, you’ll be more aware of the nature of the problem and will see it in a more balanced and objective light.

Improve your self-esteem
It may seem like common sense, but many people underestimate just how closely related your self-esteem and depression may be.  The connection between low self-esteem and depression can be a vicious cycle – you’re depressed because you have low self-esteem and your low self-esteem in turn makes you more depressed.  Depressive individuals usually suffer badly from irrational and toxic views of themselves, and hypnotherapy can be highly effective at combating this by untangling the complex emotions that have led to your state of unhappiness.

Let it give you a great night’s sleep
One of the biggest symptoms of depression is an irregular sleeping pattern – many people sleep for too long and many can’t seem to sleep at all.  As science suggests that your sleeping schedule is related to your mental health, it’s vital that you take any opportunity that you can to regulate it.  Hypnotherapy is one method proven to do so.  As it frees your mind and acts as a general relaxant, it will greatly decrease the chances that you’ll find yourself tossing and turning when it’s time to sleep.

Embrace and release negative feelings
It’s quite natural to be afraid of negative feelings in our mind.  Most of the time, this happens because we have warped and unrealistic views of what they are.  Hypnotherapy can remove our illusions by allowing us to see that negativity in a more logical and calmer way.  This allows us to embrace and accept our fears, which usually aren’t half as bad as we think!

Replace the negative feelings with positive ones
As soon as we allow our negative feelings to set sail, we instantly start to have positive ones – driven by the realisation that we’ve overcome something that’d been troubling us so much.  Thus, we now see situations and the world in general in a more positive light.  Positivity breeds positivity, and this will continue to spread throughout our mind.  Much research also suggests that hypnotherapy is key for the retrieval of positive experiences.

Make future reactions more balanced
Hypnotherapy is fantastic for creating a calm sense of clarity in our mind – which helps us to no end going forward.  In addition to clearing our mental cobwebs, our future reactions to unpleasant situations will become less and less damaging as time goes on, ensuring that our problems won’t stack up like they used to.

Achieve your potential
When we’re depressed, we often feel like we have no purpose in life and are unsure of what our role is.  Hypnotherapy provides you with the insight to realise what you want to do long-term, and gives you the perfect mental platform upon which to achieve your dreams!

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Article posted: July 17, 2017 

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