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Celebrate Your Success


©2001, revised ©2015 by C. Roy Hunter, Hypnosis Trainer

What Is Your Definition of Success?

To many people, success means simply doing what we enjoy doing and doing it well. To some, success describes an ongoing journey through life, filled with accomplishments. One can successfully reach academic goals, artistic goals, social goals, personal goals, social goals, religious goals, recreational goals, etc. There are many different roads to success.

Others measure their successes by the size of their bank accounts; but I have personally known some wealthy people whose financial successes resulted in sadness. Some self-centered achievers discover their financial successes offset by failing totally at love and happiness. Those who obtain success by sacrificing friends and family may risk bankruptcy in the happiness department. Some roads to wealth might glitter at first, but they may end in darkness.

Now we come to an important metaphor, leading into a very important empowerment exercise. Just as the driver will occasionally glance back in the rear view mirror, glancing back at our past successes can be constructive. Allow me to explain...

Love Yourself: Celebrate Your Success!

Just as we have the ability to replay old tapes of failures, we also have the ability to replay success tapes! Experience proves the value of remembering past accomplishments. Remembrance of past successes reinforces both personal and professional confidence. Also, enjoying such happy memories helps build self-esteem and self-love. Some people might ask: why should we learn to love ourselves?

If you really love or like somebody, you'll find yourself much more prone to do something good for that person, even if that person is you! Many people put so much energy into being good husbands/wives, good parents, good employees (or employers), good citizens, and/or good Christians, good "lightworkers," etc., that they get wrapped up in others and forget to love themselves too. Jesus instructed us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, which also includes loving ourselves! I call this the forgotten half of the golden rule.

If someone you love gets discouraged, would you criticize and make him/her feel worse, or would you say something kind and encouraging instead? Then next time you feel discouraged, be kind to yourself! Since 1991 I have emphasized the importance of taking time to simply journey through memories of our own past successes: remembering, reliving, and celebrating them. Clients from all walks of life enjoy profound benefits from the next empowerment exercise...

Empowerment for Peak Performance

I guide my client (or audience) through an empowerment meditation process, which I call: "Celebrate Your Success!" First, choose a personal gesture that will become your peak performance trigger. Some clients touch two fingers together; others squeeze the wrist. Touching my thumb to the palm of the other hand serves as my power point. A computer technician chose to pinch her earlobe. A professional singer decided to touch the backside of his tongue to the roof of his mouth, as he could activate this trigger without anyone else knowing.

Choose a peak performance trigger that feels comfortable to you. During the meditation, you will make a decision the first time the script says, "Activate your power point..." At this moment, you may either accept the trigger you consciously chose, or you may choose a different trigger instead.

I will guide you on a series of short journeys back in time to various past successes: academic, artistic (including performing arts), athletic (such as a game-winning hit), professional, social, spiritual, etc. With each journey, replay the success in your imagination with as many of your five senses as possible. Remember any and all of the good emotional feelings you felt, and feel them again. Ignore any criticism received later from people trying to deflate the experience; think only on the positive!

This outstanding technique is based on a "Power Points for Success" presentation by Richard Zarro, which I heard in 1989. I modified it with his consent.

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Originally posted: May 11, 2007

Last updated: July 12, 2015

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