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Give Your Sleep and Overall Wellness
a Boost with These Fat-Burning Tips


GUEST ARTICLE: by Sheila Johnson

Maintaining a healthy body doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight. Your body weight takes into account your bone mass, water retention, muscle density, blood, organs, and fat. The focus shouldn’t be on how much you weigh, but rather should be on how much fat your body is carrying, reducing, or adding to have optimal body fat considering your age, height, physical activity level, food intake, and so forth. If you find that you are well above your optimal body fat and have trouble maintaining a healthy body, then here are some things to try.

Start with Your Sleep

It can be discouraging to work hard on exercising, completely change your diet, and still not see results. Sometimes, having trouble managing your body fat can be related to what your body is doing in a state of rest. Failing to get the proper quantity and quality of sleep can lead to increased fat, particularly in the abdominal area. Not only is this the body’s natural reaction, but a lack of sleep can additionally lead to emotional eating and overeating for energy. 

To ensure you get quality sleep, invest in a properly-fitting mattressthat’ssuitable for your body type. If you currently have higher body fat than you would like and struggle with quality sleep, your mattress may not be designed to fit your body.  Weight is important when selecting a mattress, so look to models created for heavier builds. If you and your partner are both heavier and find you’re not sleeping well, Helix Plus may be the best fit, as these are built for heavier couples. If you’re a side sleeper, then the WinkBed may suit your body and sleeping style best. 

Get to the Root of Your Psyche

Combined with eating right, sleeping well and exercise, adding hypnosis to your fat-burning mission may give you that extra boost you need. Hypnosis is not a quick fix; instead, it gradually shifts your thinking. It helps you to be more present, explore why you may be overeating, get to the root of emotional issues that may be triggering your fat retention and stress, and evaluate other triggers. While you may not see drastic or immediate results, routine hypnotherapy may be just what you need to get started or to stay motivated.


Just as important as it is to eat well and exercise, water consumption plays a key role in a category all on its own. Water not only keeps you hydrated, but it flushes out the toxins in your body that have accumulated over time. Additionally, consuming enough water, especially before eating, will help prevent you from overeating. There is no hard and fast rule of how much you need to drink because it depends on your body type, climate, and activity. However, a good rule of thumb is to drink water often, carry it with you, and whenever you feel thirsty or hungry, turn to water first to determine if you just need to hydrate.

Shake Up Your Exercise Routine

Whether you’re just getting going in developing an exercise routine or you have been going at it for a while, make sure that the routine you have offers variety. Add various intensities into your routine in length, pace, and type of exercise. Add in new moves, equipment, and activity. Don’t let your body get used to one exercise or you will find that your results will plateau. 

If you struggle with your body fat but have a desire to be more energized, have a healthier lifestyle, and enjoy deeper rest, you are in luck. There are changes you can make in your life that will bring better overall wellness. Evaluate your sleep quantity and quality, because what you do while resting matters just as much as what you do while awake. Try new methods like hypnosis, increasing water intake, and various workouts along with a healthy diet. In no time, you will reach your optimal body fat ratio and feel great. 

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Sheila Johnson

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Article posted: February 15, 2020 

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