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Hypnosis During Vasectomy


GUEST ARTICLE: by Seth-Deborah Roth

Recently I used supplemental hypnosis during a Vasectomy. My husband is the Urologist who did the surgery. He has been so impressed with hypnosis that he felt that this would be a good application for hypnosis.

The patient was not prepped beforehand with any hypnosis pre-talk. He had never experienced hypnosis before and had no idea what it was all about. He was told that I could help him relax and asked if he would like that. Hypnosis music was played with headphones at a level where the patient could still hear me talk to him. Before the surgery started, I induced trance with the Elman Induction and got immediate eye flutter. There was a little difficulty in finding the vas because of the patient’s anatomy, which included a little bit of scarring. An air powered injector was used to inject the skin with 2% Lidocaine mixed with a little Bicarb to eliminate any burning from the Lidocaine.

During the surgery, the hypnotic suggestion of a safe place was utilized. Also used, was the suggestion that the hypnotic music’s rhythm would slow him down and help him to relax and that with every breath he could go deeper and deeper relaxed. I kept on repeating these phrases.

The right side went well. At one point during the surgery, on the left side, the testicle contracted so much that it made it difficult for the surgeon to grab hold of the vas deferens. The doctor asked me to deepen the patient. So, I took the patient down to a deeper level by telling him that there were three levels: level A, B, and level C…and that he was on level A. Then we went to level B, and then down to level C. The patient went deeper relaxed and then the testicles relaxed. The doctor was able to grab the vas easily and complete the surgery easily and effortlessly.

After the surgery was done, I emerged the patient. The Patient commented that he felt great! The doctor commented on how well the hypnosis worked in getting the scrotal area to relax and make his job easier.

All had a good experience, the patient, the doctor and yes, the hypnotherapist.

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Article posted: March 20, 2008  

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